About bbkerv

It’s 1.11am. I was planning to sleep about 30min ago but I’m a nightowl. So no surprises.

The name bbkerv is a play on a Blackberry phone, the Curve. I am a Blackberry user and the first syllable of my second name is kerv. Go figure.

I am a finance guy by profession. Was, is and probably will be. I’ve gone through multiple options, seemingly to escape finance – law, medicine, computers but fate still brought me where I am now.

I love music. Play some good music, turn up the volume, and chances are, you’ll at least see my lip syncing. I hate it when I like a song and can’t sing along to it so yes, it has become a habit to memorize lyrics.

Throw me in the dance floor, inject me with some booze and I’m moving full throttle. Otherwise, I limit my movements to body shifts, left and right and some alternate tapping of the foot.

I am not a writer by profession, only by multiple failed attempts via the various blogs I had throughout the years that resurrected under different names. And this is yet another shot at it. Back to what I really wanted to say: I am not a writer by profession so don’t expect to read beautiful writing. I am a finance guy in case you missed it above. If only I could put numbers in here and make myself look profitable, you bet I would. But this is a blog. Not an Excel spreadsheet so deal with it.

I live in the Philippines and for the longest time, I wanted to move abroad. I hated the heat. And the pollution. And many other things. Now, well, the dream still lives on – only it’s been mitigated by the fascination I’ve developed for beaches. Oh, you know what’s the catch? I can’t even swim, for goodness’ sake. And the solo life (again, solo, NOT single because although I am single, it is not always a feast). And the improved opportunities, mainly in the job.

I have a big crush on Miranda Kerr. If you don’t know her, either you’re a kid, you’re old, or you’re… you’re not part of everyone else who is blessed to know how much of a God’s gift she is to mankind. She’s hot and everyone knows it.

I can be a grammar nazi. Because seriously, your/you’re, their/they’re, is/was, -ed/no -ed. Oh, c’mon. But again, I am not a writer so I myself am bound to make mistakes. Make fun of if/when that happens to me, but sh*t you, I’ve laughed at others too.

Maybe later on I’ll divulge the kinds of food I want,unless you plan to deliver it to my office sometime soon, or my place at night.

It’s 1.27am and I’ve written so much. Congratulations if you’ve reached this part without missing/skipping a word.


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