Can you shuffle everyday?

I’ve recently started wondering why it is more tiring to jog for 20 minutes than it is to dance for more than 2 hours (even with the same amount of breaks in between)?

Dancing (in the club) requires far more movement than jogging and more energy (with the pumping music and all) but I just always find myself so much more tired after only 20 minutes of jogging. Put me on the dance floor for more than 2 hours and I bet you I could still go on. I asked for the help of Mr Google for a possible answer but nothing seems scientifically proven (but if you do see something, please, alert me).

Is it because when you jog, your body and muscle movements are also far more restricted than when you dance, therefore imposing a more difficult challenge to one’s body?

Or is it that only a few muscles (legs) are in play when you jog that as you take one step after the other, those muscles are required to continuously carry the weight of your entire body?

Or maybe I just REALLY like to dance?

Or all of the above?


Just say it.

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