Magnum Ice Cream: A bar of heaven on earth

It took me more than a week (since it first came here) to catch up on the Magnum bandwagon (and much longer to blog about it). I did not understand what the craze was about but that it’s an ice cream was enough to get me excited. Buzz was quick to build and spread. Once I had a taste, I immediately understood.

What’s to love about it? It’s covered in Belgian chocolate and unlike your typical watered-down ice cream, Magnum has the right kind of creaminess in it. You can even try to eat it when it’s a bit melted. You’ll taste the creaminess even more (although I bet you wouldn’t wanna risk it dripping on the floor or your bed). But whichever approach you take, you’ll appreciate the difference.

It comes in 3 flavors: classic, almond and chocolate truffle. I think for most people, what’s best is between the second and third. Go for chocolate truffle if you feel like having chocolate overload. Go for the almond if you want something lighter. Its chocolate coating has got almond bits in it, which makes biting into it crunchier. And classic, well, it’s your creamier, belgian-chocolate coated vanilla ice cream.

As I was doing grocery in a Costco-esque store yesterday, I stumbled upon, to my surprise, a different flavor. I didn’t think there was another. And it was Double Caramel. Not Single Caramel, but DOUBLE. Talk about sinful being twice as sinful. That’s your classic Magnum, with a layer (or double layers) of caramel in between the coating and the ice cream.

I got excited upon checking the Magnum website.

Apparently, it’s an imported brand (coincidentally having the same logo as local ice cream brand Selecta) that offers a much wider array of flavors abroad.

Ridiculous. White: Belgian white chocolate. Dark: dark chocolate, ’nuff said. Mint: Mint chocolate, not for everyone but it’s a personal favorite. Double chocolate: What’s not to like? But since we have chocolate truffle, I’ll take it. As I announced the discovery of finding Double Caramel on Facebook, a friend responded with her favorite. And it’s not even in the options above. It’s probably only available in the UK so it’s  a long shot of hoping to find it here.

Limoncello and Irish Cream. I can imagine an ice cream version of Bailey’s, which is probably what it exactly tastes like. Dammit, both of these sound delish.

Unilever and/or Selecta, please bring the other flavors here. You’ll be doing us all a greaaaat flavor. I mean, favor. Maybe not on the physical side, and the government might condemn you for bringing us all a step closer to obesity, but it will be a great favor and comfort to our hearts. 🙂


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