Where’s Michelle Branch?

I’ve always believed she’s one of the better artists in the early 2000s. All of the songs she’s released did well in music charts – Everywhere, All You Wanted, Are You Happy Now?, Goodbye to You, and Breathe. Those hits came from her two most popular albums The Spirit Room released in 2001 and Hotel Paper released 2 years after.

After her break from music (i.e. her releases after Are You Happy Now? and Breathe not doing well in the charts), she appeared in television for shows like Buffy and Charmed.

She’s been silent recently.  At least, I haven’t heard anything. According to Wikipedia, she was in a country duo (formed in 2005 and eventually disbanded in 2007). Amazon has the country album called Stand Still, Look Pretty released in 2006 and has an average of 4.5 stars from 138 ratings.

Then she wrote music for Mandy Moore, the product of which I also didn’t hear. She also recorded here and there with and for other people but nothing for her own and new album. In January 2011, she went back to recording her third studio album. In June, she released a new record called Loud Music (but apparently didn’t do well). West Coast Time, the third album, was supposed to be released in September. It’s March 2012 now and still nada.

Anyway, I listened to her latest release, Loud Music, and nah, it’s not up to par with her old records. Here’s to refresh your memory of how great she used to be. This is my favorite from her, a collab with Santana: The Game of Love.



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