Foods I had, foods I love

Having spent some time living in the US, I couldn’t help missing some of the restaurants and chains I’ve frequented.  We have our share of good stuff here in the Philippines, but sometimes you just crave for the goodness that’s too out of your reach.

And then there are those things you loved and/or enjoyed having while growing up. Some may have been a one-time offer by a local fast-food, while some may have come and gone… and come and gone again.

This entry aims to capture the things I miss. Those that are long gone (or I haven’t found) and those that still exist but are just too far to have.

Let’s start with those gone.

Jollibee crisscut fries. I know this isn’t exactly the one Jollibee sold, but I couldn’t find anything on the net so I’m taking this as a sub – and this is presumably a serving of Carl’s, Jr fries. I don’t remember exactly how the fries tasted like. Only that as a kid, it was amusing to see other than sticks of fries. And well, I remember it tasting good. Not extraordinary, but good.

Fruit Stripe. It was sticks of gum that came in different colors and flavors. It also came with a zebra mascot (no surprises there, are there?). I would have a taste of it only when someone came home from the States. Did they not sell it in Manila back then (when I was still in the province)? I’ve no clue. I’m sure they did. Only I didn’t have it as often as I wanted to.

McDonald’s rice burger. This is controversial. Not everyone liked this. It also took me a while to warm up to the idea of rice turned into bun. The burger came in two flavors – I only remembered the beef rice burger because that was the only one I had and enjoyed.


And the ones I can still have.

  1. As a transition between those of the past and those of the present, Carl’s Jr. When it still existed in the Philippines, I tried it only once. It just never appealed to me.  I mean, it tasted okay that one time I had it but it was in the US where I actually enjoyed it. As someone who didn’t cook, I had to rely on takeouts/orders for my survival. Since they had it in campus, Carl’s, Jr satisfied my craving numerous times.  If only someone would dare bring it back here.
  2. Chipotle. Mexican restos are starting to spring up left and right but I personally find the food served by Chipotle cheap and good. It ain’t extraordinary Mexican but their burrito bowl (I like it lighter) is just yum. Serving of rice with cilantro, corn, sour cream, black beans, some meat, some lettuce, more corn, more sour cream. Dammit.
  3. Panda Express. Who wouldn’t enjoy this? I’m kinda sick of having Chowking once or God forbid, even twice a week every week.    It’s hard to complain with this Chinese fast food. They served it cheap and big. I remember paying $3.5o for a meal that comes with a huge serving of chow mein and 2 main dishes. That’s just the equivalent of a lauriat here. At half the serving size!
  4. Buca di Beppo. I’m representing every cuisine here, ain’t I? This was another favorite for when there are big gatherings and when I just wanted decent Italian. Their food had servings for solo or big groups.  
  5. Cheesecake Factory. I only got to try this once but the food was good enough to have left an impression on me. And it wasn’t even their cheesecake that got me. 
  6. Dennys. Breakfast 24/7. Need I say more? (Well, okay. It’s like your Pancake House, only greasier and more crappy (but good crappy). 

Other foods that I still crave for:


Having Whole Foods around that time was when I was at my healthiest with eating. And then I left for the Philippines. So did my healthy eating.

These things make me miss the US. If someone would be kind enough to bring these here, I’d be spared having to spend for expensive airfare.


Just say it.

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