This is Coron

Last November, I took a trip to a place where so many have raved about. Unlike Boracay, one becomes more in touch with nature when in this island. While there are establishments where one could dine (and during our trip, we only went there for dinner and breakfast), the best part of traveling here is taking a boat, hopping from one island to another, and seeing what is under the water – from sun up to sun down.

If you’ve read my earlier posts, you should know by now I can’t swim like shit. My survival is reliant upon the strapping of a life vest and a snorkeling mouthpiece. Or whatever you call it. But despite that, I still enjoyed and yes, I did manage to snorkel and see what Coron has to offer.

The flight took about 45min from Manila and we had to take a van to transfer to our resort. From our resort, we would go to the port by tricycle, a local mode of transportation (takes about 10min), and from there, we’ll be taken to the different islands. A 20-30min boat ride is nothing short of relaxing. Nature surrounds you and when the water is calm, it’s even more beautiful.

Showing here are some of the wonderful, wonderful photos taken by one of my friends I went with. Breathtaking.

Thick pile of clouds; calm, serene water

A school of fish gathering right next to the shipwreck.

Another shot of the school of fish.

I dunno what kind of fish this is but it's a cool shot.

Another beautiful shot. This time as we travel to another island.

It's as if the photo wasn't taken from under the water.


Yes, Nemo and his friends can be found.

A stingray passing by. It was amazing seeing one.

Heading to the shipwreck.

Pitstop for the Kayangan Lake

A lovely day

Sunrise or sunset, it's just beautiful here.

I won’t mind going back to Coron every year. If I/other people could go back and forth to Boracay, sometimes a few times in one year, then, why not here?


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