Grams Diner, a comfort food diner

I decided to go for a new restaurant tonight for dinner. Having KFC, Mexican, Thai or deli can get a little tiring (well, fast-food can be sooo sickening, literally and figuratively). So I went for a newly opened diner close to my place. When I was still deciding where to go and had this as one of the options, foursquare told me that this is in fact not a new chain. It has a few other branches around Metro Manila, only I’ve never spotted them before. But now it’s here. And I tried it.

According to their website, Grams Diner has been serving food for 8 years now (seriously?!). They have branches in Rockwell Drive, Makati; somewhere in the ABS-CBN area in Quezon City; another one in Alabang, and their latest at The Fort.

It was fun flipping through their menu.  It’s like looking at a food magazine (see featured image). They tried (and at times succeeded) in giving clever names and description to their food. I must warn you, some might make you cringe such as their version of Eggs Ben, which they call Eggs Benny and describes it likes this:

Wipe that smile off your face. It’s not Benny’s eggs. It’s Eggs Benedict with savory waffle, ham, poached egg, and rich Hollandaise sauce served with home fries, okay?

Say, what? Oh, they also use “naks!” quite a lot. And it’s quite annoying.

Anyway, it seems that their beef tapa is one of their most famous dishes (and well, I’ve come to love tapa from the many nights I’ve had it after a long night of drinking) so I ordered it, along with a serving of fries. (But their menu looks promising that I’d probably come back and try the others.)

I had the option of getting either the breakfast-size meal or the main course. I opted for the former as I wanted to get something else with it. (The main course would’ve come with more tapa and another fried egg.)

Other stuff on their menu

For P255, it was a good meal. A serving of garlic rice, 2 slices of tomatoes (which I didn’t eat), an egg, fried strips of tapa, and yes, that’s a cherry you can see.

The tapa was tricky, albeit not in a bad way. It was good, almost really good. Only tricky because the way it was cooked was like bacon strips. And strange as it seems, it had the after taste of Chickenjoy skin. (I can hear protests from Grams people and seasoned food critics). But for a while I was trying to figure out what it tasted like, and that’s really what I arrived at. But hey, if it tastes like that, then it must be really good.

It is the crispiness of the tapa that makes it enjoyable to eat. Without the excessive saltiness of bacon, it’s the type you can get addicted on.

As a brief mention, my fries was served in a saucer. It would probably be the same amount as a mini-bucket of fries in KFC. Grams’ also are thick cuts of fries, fried and sprinkled with a hint of barbecue powder. Dip it in ketchup (they use Heinz) and it’s french fries goodness.

Again, a lot of the stuff on their menu looked good. However, it’s not totally cheap.  Prices of their breakfast and main course meals range from 250-500. I suppose those in the higher range really have much more since my tapa was for P255 and it was of decent serving.

It also has a good and relaxing ambiance. They were playing Pixar short films on TV when I was there. It has the feel of an American diner, only more modern and… cleaner.

The diner is open at 7am everyday and closes at 12mn every Mon-Thu, 2am every Fri and Sat, and 10pm on Sun.

You can find out more about them on their website.


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