Chicken nugget for £5,000

My dad already complains of how much an order of chicken nuggets in McDonald’s costs (because really it has gotten quite expensive). I wonder what he’ll think of this: a piece of this meaty goodness… for £5,000. 

A couple went to McDonald’s three years ago and apparently ordered chicken nuggets. With some stroke of luck *ehem, sarcasm*, the lady found a George Washington-shaped nugget. She and her husband initially had a laugh at the amazing find. Because really, who wouldn’t be impressed with it? That was just un-believable! *sarcasm* So amazing they had to put it on auction in Ebay last month, after 3 long years of keeping it frozen. At some point, Ebay had to stop the auction because, well, they were selling an expired food. But later on, they re-allowed it again since it was for a purpose.

The couple was attempting to raise £15,000 for the members of the Family Worship Center in Sioux City (in Iowa) to go on a summer camp expedition.

Lo and behold, someone was  just uberpatriotic, it was hard for him/her to pass up on this very rare memorabilia.  Uberpatriotic he/she was, so much was shelled out to bite into this American patriotic goodness. I mean, look at that, a nugget shaped like the first president of the great United States!

At first, I had my doubts about the source of the news. But looking at the other stuff on their site, it seems this is legit.

Beejezus. Even I wouldn’t pay that much for 1,000 pieces of nuggets.

I hope whoever got the nugget doesn’t leave it anywhere near his/her dog.


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