You’ve got tweet!

There was Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in the 90s with You’ve Got Mail, back when AOL was still… online. Not that it’s “offline” now, but you know what I mean. It turned out to be a pretty good, giddy-ish romcom, which put emailing under a different light. Not just for reaching out to business partners and/or clients or family and friends, but also as a means to find and develop love. Un-cliche then, probably too cliche now.

If any filmmaker had to make another film that resorts to technology for another potential sappy romcom, he has way more options. Back then social media wasn’t even a buzz phrase. You only had email and your regular world wide web. Now, people have Facebook, Twitter, foursquare, LinkedIn, second-rate Google+, and if you insist, though I’d like to argue for their demise, the have-beens, Friendster and MySpace.


#republiktwitter's director

That’s not a mere hashtag. It’s the title of a new Indonesian film that capitalizes on one of the most famous social media around for a modern love story. However, more than just depicting romance, it also aims to cover the themes of social justice, Twitter’s role in journalism and social media as a powerful tool for business and politics.

The film has Abimana Aryasetya playing as Sukmo, a Yogyakarta university student who finds and develops love with journalist Hanum, played by Laura Basuki. It is directed by Kuntz Agus, who says “Our challenge was to tell a story about the phenomenon of Twitter in Indonesia, but to make it a light, fun film that people who aren’t Twitter users can still enjoy.” This is his first feature film and venture into comedy. (He is known in his country more for serious documentaries on social and environmental issues.

I am curious how this movie turns out – if the director manages to weave social media, romance, comedy and social issues together successfully.

The film opened in theaters in February 16. More on #republiktwitter from WSJ. The film has an official site but it’s in Indonesian/Bahasa so I suppose it won’t be of much help.


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