Healthy hotel in progress

From InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG), the group that brought you Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and InterContinental Hotel comes a new hotel concept that lets you keep your healthy lifestyle with you even when you travel.

Do you find yourself skipping healthy meals because all that’s around you is McDonald’s, KFC or Popeye’s? 

Do you find yourself missing your regular exercise routine because going to the gym is just too far, or your day is too tiring it’s hard to step out of your room?

Do you find yourself lacking sleep because your room just isn’t conducive enough for a good night’s sleep?

(Wow, I just sounded like a spokesperson for an infomercial.)

IHG thought of a way to take back all you’ve been missing when you travel. Even Hotels (as I gave away on the featured image at the front page). Yes, that’s what it’s called.

Surely you won’t be getting the kind of 5-star interior you expect when you step in an InterCon, a Shangri-La or any of its peers, but your body definitely will through its offerings.

All the photos above are mere renderings. The group plans to open its first hotel in 2013 and is yet to announce the cities that will first be enjoying this new concept.

From the Economist, where I read about this:

IHG wants to build 100 EVEN hotels in America in the next five years and has a $150m fund to invest in the project. It will convert existing hotels, rather than building from scratch, with the first facility due to open in 2013. Kirk Kinsell, who is President, The Americas at IHG, says EVEN has a market of 17m potential guests in the US, to whom it can appeal without cannibalising the company’s other hotel brands.

Just looking at the photos already make me feel relaxed. A yoga mat in your room, your coat rack serving as a pull-up bar, or your luggage rack as a workout bench. That’s kinda awesome. Although they fell short on the creative requirement of coming up with a name for the hotel, I am quite sold.

See more of the project here.

Read the article from The Economist.


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