I came, I sushi, I conquered

To experience one of the best things in the world, you need it raw.

Sushi. Or sashimi. Whatever floats your boat.

My first time at Nihonbashi Tei was a pleasant experience. A sushi lunch set that came with a sushi platter, a serving of miso soup, some appetizer whose name I don’t remember but has a sound that’s nice to the ears, and a serving of nata de coco (coco jelly) – all for P280. That may be double what I spend on a daily basis for fast food lunch, but it’s a lot less garbage and so much goodness.

I took a photo of the platter I had, but the quality was bad so nevermind that. It was good, it looked good, and I felt good. That’s all that matters. Finishing that platter was ridiculously satisfying, magnified by another emptied plate of gyoza.

The food didn’t take long to be served, though I wish there was a doorbell of sorts in the room where they put us. We had to step out of the private room to call their attention when we needed some things.

I have no clue what the mumbo jumbo written in that thing above is, but it looked artsy enough for a Japanese restaurant. While I recognize some of the characters there (bearing similarities to some Chinese characters), the chaos of compressed kanji, hiragana, and katakana in that artwork serves its purpose. It pleases your eyes, without the need to understand them.

Nihonbashi Tei is located at 806 Arnaiz Avenue, Pasay Road, Makati City.  It’s a few steps away from Walter Mart and Don Bosco Technical Institute, in Makati City (but beware the scorching sun this summer!). You may call them at (02) 818-8893 for reservations. We did.



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