Sticky: To new blog beginnings

Just because I couldn’t take the “Hello World!” to appear as this blog’s first post (since it looks too amateurish), well then, here is my first post.

Consider this my umpteenth attempt at publicizing my thoughts. Thoughts of nothingness and where applicable, irrelevance. Towards my goal of becoming a tad more relevant.

While I do appreciate tan lines (though I prefer that most of them -read: NOT all- just take it off because they can do away with it anyway), the blog’s title is in reference to the lines I blurt out, with “tan” being my last name. And thought farts? Well, if there’s word vomit, then there definitely could be thought farts. So I suppose it follows.

I am not a writer by profession so pardon me for any grammatical imperfection and/or inconsistency that you spot. Perhaps it is better I keep what I do for a living a secret because if someone points out I’m also not good at it, then I might as well just shoot myself. That would be tantamount to being told I am not contributing anything significant in this world. Which is not completely true, only partly. If you know what I do, then just be silent, unless you have nothing but praises to tell.

Other than that, just sit back, relax, and fart if you feel like it. Because farting is sorrowfully sweet.


Just say it.

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